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VRChat lets you create, publish, and explore virtual worlds with other people from around the world.

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The Oculus Touch controllers can even be used to replace gestures for things like pinch-to-zoom. 10. VRChat. Yeah, VRChat experiences get really weird. Image: vr chat, inc.

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This can happen more often than you think -- after all VRChat is still in Early Access, and many of the areas are player-created. Emoting And Blocking. You should pretty much always use a headset while logged into VRChat, as thats more than half the point of …

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VRChat is home to Gunters Universe, the first ever talk show in VR. Host your own show, teach a class on how to build in VRChat, create a musical performance, or start your own VR acting studio! The possibilities are endless! Show off your latest creations to your friends, our …

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To make things even more silly he claims to use it specifically in order to bring equality between Quest users and regular VRChat users, often criticizing or making fun of players with poorly optimized or high-poly avatars not being quest compatible. He did not actually pay $200 for the avatar.

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There will always be that cancer. But when you have a solid bedrock of chill people, you can go observe that stuff together and that makes it so much better. I think of vrchat like a parade though, You can choose to just chill in one spot somewhere and obverse all the crazy shit that passes through. I find it …

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VRChat has rolled out an update that brings a new Avatar 3.0 system to the app, an upgrade to the 2.0 system, that adds a huge amount of new features and user customization options.. In terms of

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