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Ratt är en form av inmatningsenhet för TV-spel. Utseendemässigt påminner en ratt avsedd för tv-spel om en traditionell bilratt.Enheten levereras med eller kan ofta kompletteras med fotpedaler, växelspak och/eller koppling.
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Of all the "hair" bands, RATT stood out for me. Out of the Cellar personally is their best album. I always put RATT instead of "hair but the sleeze category of 80s rock. Just something about Stephen Percys voice. If I recommended just one album of this genre to anyone, it would be Out of the Cellar.
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City to City Lyrics: Street fights all the time / I take a chance into the night / Ive got to hear the thunder / Night life dies hard / Keeps me on my guard / Its like a spell Im under / Cause Im
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Ratt Lyrics "City To City" Street fights all the time I take a chance into the night Its like a spell Im under Cause Im runnin city to city And all points in between Im movin city to city You can find me on the streets Feel my heat Dead heat makes me blind You might think Im a rebel kind There aint no way Im gun shy Dizzy blonde