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Get your game on and play Globetrotter, just one of the many fun fashion games, celebrity games, dress up games, makeover games and styling games on Stardoll.

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8.6 Globetrotter XL lets you train your geography skills. Locate cities on the world map and score enough points to advance to the next level.

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globe·trot (glōb′trŏt′) intr.v. globe·trot·ted, globe·trot·ting, globe·trots To travel often and widely, especially for sightseeing. [Back-formation from globetrotter.] globe′trot′ter n. globe′trot′ting n. globetrotter (ˈɡləʊbˌtrɒtə) n a habitual worldwide traveller, esp a tourist or businessperson ˈglobeˌtrotting n, adj

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Gratis online spel & Zonder download. Speel Nu! Hoe goed is jouw kennis van topografie? Probeer de locatie aan te geven van de steden op de wereldkaart. Gratis online spel & Zonder download. Speel Nu! Avontuur. Globetrotter XL omschrijving. Kids Educatief Topografie Globetrotter XL.

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The Harlem Globetrotters are an American exhibition basketball team. They combine athleticism, theater, and comedy in their style of play. They have played more than 26,000 exhibition games in 124 countries and territories. The teams signature song is Brother Bones whistled version of "Sweet Georgia Brown".Their mascot is an anthropomorphized globe named "Globie".

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Speel Globetrotter op - <p>Waar ligt WAT? Test je geografische kennis en je supersonische snelheid!</p>

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Globetrotter 2 är ett datorspel skapat av Vision Park och Deadline Games. Spelet går ut på att resa runt i världen och utföra olika uppdrag.Det finns sex olika svårighetsgrader: antagningsprov, novis, kandidat, professionell, vicepresident och president.Uppdragen på de lägre nivåerna (antagningsprov och novis) handlar främst om att lösa uppdrag i Nordamerika.

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The One and Only Harlem Globetrotters. Creating lasting family memories one smile and rim-rattling dunk at a time. At-Home Educational Materials Globetrotters At Home. Just like all of you, we miss the sounds of the arenas and the in-person smiles we share. While we can’t connect in person right now, were still here for you.

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Numerological definition for this name gives a life path number of 4 for Globetrotter. The destiny number 4 represents the square and thus wholeness. In this life figure both the 4 elements, the four cardinal directions and the four seasons are represented.