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The official playlist for my Bingo Boffin Story series.
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Bingo Boffin and Housing Decorations Rewards from completing Bingo Boffins epic adventure include housing decorations. It looks like I will need several characters to accompany Bingo on his journey to collect them all! There is a list of decorations by zone at the bottom of the page.
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The Ballad of Bingo Boffin is a long quest chain with new quests added gradually over time. Bingo Boffin is a hobbit from Michel Delving who was inspired to follow in Mr Bilbo Baggins footsteps, leaving the Shire to have an adventure.
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The Ballad of Bingo Boffin continues in Buckland, our adventuring little Hobbit has finally strayed out of the Shire into Bree-land. Against all Hobbit traditions, he has finally left the Shire – despite a petition trying to force him to stay.
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Bingo Boffin was a male Hobbit who lived in Michel Delving. He was very ordinary and lived a peaceful but boring life. Thats why Bingo decided to go …
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Bingo Boffin Lone-Lands Quest Rewards. Titles: Tavern-Goer, Linguist; Bingo Badges: 20 (I think! Possibly 25, I’ll check on my next run) Bert Bartleby Vendor Rewards. There are a lot of rewards available from Bert Bartleby in the Lone Lands. A full list is in the screenshots below, but here are some highlights!
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The Ballad of Bingo Boffin is a completely separate quest line to your Epic and Class Quests in LOTRO. It follows the adventure of a Hobbit called Bingo Boffin as he decides to start his own quest across Middle Earth. This series won’t cover many of the specific quests unless there are particular complications you need to address.