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Wireless connectors consuming an insane amount of power

notice that the connector for this mod has some power issues that eve though it says that it form the distance i using it was only gonna use 4804 Ae/t and that power was steady going up form my energy cell to my ae system form my dimensional transceiver it still when i connect the 2 wireless connect immensely my system lost power the distance between my 2 connector

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ae2 stuff wireless connector
Ive added a new block to AE2 Stuff 0.5.0 alpha that provides wireless connections. To use - place 2 Wireless Connectors and right click both with a Wireless Configuration Kit. Connections are point-to-point - you cant connect more than 2 blocks together. Each block will use 10 + distance 2 AE/t (configurable) Power needs to be provided on only one side

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This happens in FTB Beyond and allthemods 2, every time I log back on i have to re-connect each wireless connector with my wireless setup kit. All wireless connectors w/in the chunk of the me controller are always fine.

wireless connectors in other chunks disconnecting · Issue

SUPERIOR CONNECTIVITY: The headset extension lead connects Bluetooth 4.1 for up to 10 meters. It features 2.5mm gold-plated audio jack that can be connected to the headphones to make them wireless. COMPATIBLE DEVICES: The Bluetooth headphone adapter is a compatible replacement for Bose Around-Ear Series including AE2, AE2i, and AE2w.

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ae2 stuff wireless connector
today i came across this AE2 Stuff mod and it seemed really cool. I am playing FTB:Infinity Evolved on a server. I installed the mod (i used the correct beta version) but things got a little interesting. My network stopped working and if i try to place any cable or AE2 block in …

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The Wireless Connector is a machine added by the AE2 Stuff mod. The block is an alternative to the Quantum Network Bridge to small distances. Recipe

AE2 Stuff v0.5.0 - Added Wireless Connector and Network

ae2 stuff wireless connector
AE2 Stuff is an addon for Applied Energistics 2 that adds some machines and items to make automating AE2 networks easier.

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This system draws around 1.5kRF/t, even with an connector at around 10m away, the connector says it needs 256 rf/t, but my system power draw is up to 2kRF/t. When I place them further apart they state, that they need 28kRF/t, but my Flux Point puts 170kRF/t in the system.