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A place to create spelling tests using your own lists, as well as an array of spelling list suggestions, arranged according to age level (based on the US grade system). N.B. some words in the premade lists may use US spelling rules, rather than UK ones, but this is a valuable tool all the same.

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AAASpell features a comprehensive set of interactive spelling lessons, games and …

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aaa spel

Triple-A games or AAA games are named as such out of habit more that it being an acronym. It’s not because they spend Absolutely Astounding Amounts, even though they do :) Generally speaking it’s a game with a massive budget. AAA means nothing abo

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aaa spel

Aah definition is - to exclaim in amazement, joy, or surprise. How to use aah in a sentence.

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Student, Teacher and Parent Accounts are Free, Safe and Easy to create. Accounts allow you to change or correct lists, remember lists and record practice results. Teachers and parents can create accounts and lists for their students and see practice results.


aaa spel

A. Yes, it easy to use most of the spelling exercise types with your word list. Just put …

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Hear and Spell: Listen to the word and then spell it. (Note that only words with available audio will be used for Hear and Spell. Words available with audio are indicated on the sidebar after creating your new list) Missing Letters: Spell the word correctly by adding one or two letters. Spell the word: The word is shown and the student copies it.